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MongoDB Consulting

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Intertech delivers MongoDB consulting services which includes helping customers:

  • Install MongoDB on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, or Solaris
  • Understand the MongoDB structure including documents, collections (schema free and naming conventions) along with MongoDB internals including BSON, Wire Protocol, and namespaces and extents
  • Use MongoDB with MongoDB Shell and Client and related utilities
  • Understand the core data types including numbers, dates, arrays, embedded documents, _id, and ObjectIds
  • Create, update, and delete documents including batch insert, removing documents, updating documents using modifiers or upserts
  • Leverage requests and connections
  • Implement querying including specifying what keys to return, query criteria, conditionals, OR queries, $not, and $where queries
  • Understand and use type-specific queries including null, regular expressions, arrays, and embedded documents
  • Improve performance in cursor use with limits, skips, sorts, tailable, and tips for avoiding large skips
  • Use scaling indexes, indexing keys in embedded documents, and indexing for sorts
  • Implement unique indexes including dropping duplicates and compound unique indexes
  • Administer indexes including changing indexes
  • Implement aggregation including count, distinct, group
  • Use a function as a key
  • Understand and use database commands and capped collections with properties
  • Use GridFS, mongofiles, and work with the MongoDB drivers
  • Implement server side scripting including db.eval and stored JavaScript
  • Use database references with DBRef
  • Monitor using serverStatus, mongostat, and third party plug-ins
  • Implement security and authentication
  • Setup backup with mongodump and slave backups
  • Restore with mongorestore
  • Implement replication including master-slave and replica sets
  • Leverage sharding including Autosharding, shard keys, and understand best practices for production configuration
  • Target and troubleshoot performance issues in MongoDB

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