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.NET Design Consulting

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Intertech’s expert application development consultants provide full .NET architecture, design, and development services.  In .NET design, our team can

  • Plan and layout frameworks and class hierarchies using best practices for clarity, extensibility, and security
  • Design user interface and components; business layers including components and workflows; and data stores and data access components
  • Define guidelines for exception handling including error message design, handling, and wrapping
  • Outline auditing standards
  • Create guidelines for partitioning an application/service into assemblies and packaging for distribution
  • Share coding guidelines and implement tools like FxCop to ensure consistent implementation of design from naming to exception handling

Intertech has partnered with many organizations to develop and implement sophisticated IT applications to transform organizational processes, strengthen customer engagement and kickstart productivity. Check out one of our recent case studies: Marine Products Manufacturer regarding state-of-the-art diagnostic tool.

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