NHibernate Consulting

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Intertech's expert consultants can help you leverage NHibernate in your application development including helping you:

  • Map classes with XML
  • Correctly handle versioning and concurrency
  • Configure NHibernate with app.config and hibernate.cfg.xml
  • Understand and implement sessions and transactions including setting up sessions per web request and per presenter
  • Use stateless sessions
  • Implement dictionaries as entities
  • Use Criteria Queries, QueryOver, MultiCriteria, and HQL (the Hibernate Query Language)
  • Integrate LINQ and NHibernate
  • Create abstraction through a data-access layer
  • Extend NHibernate through techniques like dependency injection and encrypted string types
  • Implement logging
  • Troubleshoot and resolve performance issues using NHibernate Profiler

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