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PhoneGap Consulting

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Intertech delivers expert PhoneGap consulting.  Our seasoned professionals help clients:

  • Architect, design, develop, and deploy a PhoneGap application
  • Leverage the PhoneGap API, test and debug PhoneGap applications, run a PhoneGap application on a simulator, and leverage PhoneGap’s debugging capabilities
  • Understand and effectively deal with cross-platform development issues
  • Configure an Android Development Environment for PhoneGap including installing the SDK, using the Eclipse IDE, use command-line tools, understand the emulator, and deploy to a device
  • Configure a bada development environment for PhoneGap including downloading and installing the PhoneGap bada files, creating a bada project, and testing a bada PhoneGap application
  • Configure a BlackBerry development environment including installing the BlackBerry WebWorks SDK, creating a BlackBerry PhoneGap project, building a BlackBerry PhoneGap project, configuring the PhoneGap build process, and testing a BlackBerry PhoneGap app with a simulator and on the device
  • Configure an iOS development environment for PhoneGap including registering as an Apple Developer, installing Xcode, creating an iOS PhoneGap project, and testing an iOS PhoneGap application
  • Configure a Symbian development environment including installing the Nokia Web tools and make utility, creating a Symbian PhoneGap project, packaging Symbian projects, and testing Symbian PhoneGap applications
  • Configure a Windows Phone (Windows Store) development environment including installing the Windows Phone development tools, creating a Windows Phone PhoneGap project, and testing/deploying a PhoneGap application
  • Leverage the PhoneGap build process with best practices for configuration, upload options, project configuration, and handling build issues
  • Use the API across all capabilities including orientation, camera/pictures/capture, compass, connection, contacts, device, events, file, geo-location, media, notification, and storage
  • Leverage additional tools like the Oracle Java Developer Kit and Apache Ant
  • Troubleshoot performance issues in PhoneGap applications

Along with PhoneGap consulting, Intertech delivers a full suite of mobile cross platform consulting, iPhone consulting, Android Consulting, and Windows Store/Phone consulting.


Intertech has partnered with many organizations to develop and implement sophisticated IT applications to transform organizational processes, strengthen customer engagement and kickstart productivity. Check out one of our recent case studies: Lester Electrical regarding mobile application.

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