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Spring Batch Consulting

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Intertech’s Spring consultants can help you understand the architecture of a Spring batch including field proven best practice use of jobs, steps, execution, and parallelization.  Our consultants can help:

  • Leverage the JobRepository including configuration with Job Repository Tables
  • Configure a job with the job repository, metadata, and JobExplorer/JobOperator
  • Implement job inheritance, parameters, and listeners
  • Manipulate ExecutionContext
  • Understand, use, and know the differences in chunk and item processing
  • Implement step configuration and item error handling
  • Start, stop, and restart a job including third party integration and handling errors
  • Implement readers with file input from XML and databases via JDBC, Hibernate, and JPA as well as create custom inputs and implement error handling
  • Understand and use ItemProcessors, ValidatingItemProcessor, ItemProcessorAdapter, CompositeItemProcessor including, if needed, create a custom ItemProcessor
  • Implement ItemWriters including File-Based ItemWriters, Database-Based ItemWriters, and multipart ItemWriters
  • Implement unit testing in Spring Batch applications with testing frameworks like Mockito and JUnit
  • Profile batch processes for performance and resolve performance issues through multithreading, parallel steps, remote chunking, and partitioning

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