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Spring Framework Consulting

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Intertech expert consultants can help you:

  • Determine which Spring modules apply for your application, such as:
    • Spring core framework, including ORM, transactions, AOP
    • Spring MVC
    • Spring Web Flow project extension
    • Spring Security
    • Spring Integration
    • Spring Batch
    • Spring Test
  • Optimize Spring configuration
  • Use tools to minimize build and deploy with the Spring Framework
  • Architect and design applications that make best use of the Spring Framework
  • Learn and use Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) and declarative Spring transactions
  • Implement unit testing using Spring's unit testing framework
  • Effectively use Spring controllers, handler mappings, and view resolvers
  • Use MVC for non-HTML document rendering
  • Implement and optimize work flows using Spring Web Flow

Intertech has partnered with many organizations to develop and implement sophisticated IT applications to transform organizational processes, strengthen customer engagement and kickstart productivity. Check out one of our recent case studies: Top IT Corporation and Minnesota State Benefits Company regarding application renovation – from legacy mainframe and cobol to java.

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