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TDD Consulting

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Intertech’s expert software consultants improve your SDLC with expert Test Driven Development (TDD) consulting.  Our experts help you:

  • Understand the benefits and approaches used in Test Driven Development and create a plan to use TDD from the start of requirements gathering
  • Write effective test cases including core concepts like double tests, state and interaction-based testing, and creating testable designs
  • Implement tools like JUnit and NUnit to automate testing
  • Use mock objects
  • Create clear rules for acceptance testing in TDD
  • Define criteria and a strategy for code coverage
  • Correctly manage exception handling with TDD
  • Effectively write integration tests
  •  Efficiently use TDD in more challenging environments including handling time-based, multi-threaded, and synchronized events
  • Use proven ways to accelerate execution of tests
  • Leverage refactoring in the software development lifecycle
  • Understand how to use TDD with existing legacy code

Intertech has partnered with many organizations to develop and implement sophisticated IT applications to transform organizational processes, strengthen customer engagement and kickstart productivity. Check out one of our recent case studies: Navitor regarding platform update.

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