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Windows Store Consulting

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Intertech’s expert consultants have been working with Microsoft’s latest technology releases including Windows Store applications (previously called Metro applications).  Our professionals help you:

  • Understand and leverage the new Windows 8 user interface
  • Know the new abilities available via the new Windows Runtime
  • Leverage the key components of a Windows 8 app including the application bar, semantic zoom, animation, tiles, pickers, charms, sensors, and devices
  • Architect a Windows Store application using Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM), navigation via NavigationService, messaging thru MessageHub, and application storage and tombstoning
  • Interact with the Windows 8 operating system including use of Tiles, Pickers, Sharing, and Sensors
  • Get your application into the Windows Store along with the fundamentals of Windows Store app marketing and leveraging rating, reviews, and distribution
  • Port your Windows Store app to global markets including localization
  • Troubleshoot performance issues or debug issues in a Windows Store app

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