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XML Consulting

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Intertech’s expert XML consultants deliver a full suite of XML-related consulting services.  Our field tested experts can help you:

  • Implement and use well-formed XML
  • Understand and use DTDS including declarations, parameter entities and conditional inclusion
  • Leverage namespaces and parsing
  • Support internationalization including character set metadata, unicode, and conversion
  • Correctly use XML document formatting, transformation, and presentation
  • Use XHTML including compound documents and optimizing documents for search
  • Implement XSL Transformations (XSLT) including stylesheet processors, templates, rules, and application of templates
  • Understand and use XPath including predicates, expressions and functions; XLinks including link semantics, extended links, and DTDs for XLinks; XPointers and Points and Ranges; and XInclude including fallbacks, and working with XPointers
  • Use the Resource Directory Description Language (RDDL)
  • Design and implement XML Schemas including complex types, simple and mixed content, and type derivation
  • Understand Document Object Model (DOM) including structure of DOM Core, Node and other interfaces

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