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Complete Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) for .NET 3.5 Training

Course ID: INT1145
Duration: 4 Days

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Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) is an API introduced with .NET 3.0 which allows you to execute and monitor business processes workflows directly in managed code. In this course, attendees will gain a clear understanding of the use of workflows, activities, and the visual tools which allow you to design them. We will also examine how to interact with the WF runtime engine, create custom activities and survey the integrated feature WF set.


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Learning Objectives

  • Understand the role of WF
  • Use standard activities and build custom activities
  • Work with sequential and state machine workflows
  • Understand the WF architecture / intrinsic WF feature set 


This class is intended for experienced .NET 2.0 software developers. No knowledge of WF is assumed. If you need to learn the fundamentals of .NET, you may be interested in Intertech’s C# Training, VB.NET Training or ASP.NET Training


Understanding of Object Oriented Programming using C# or VB .NET 2.0 development experience

Course Outline

Introducing WF

  • Understand the role of Windows Workflow Foundation (WF)
  • Learn the building blocks of a WF enabled application
  • Understand the role of WF ‘activities’
  • Survey the intrinsic WF activities
  • Work with the WF designers of Visual Studio
  • Host workflow instances using the WF runtime engine
  • Pass arguments to a workflow instance
  • Examine ways to customize the hosting process

WF Activity Programming Model

  • Configure activities using declarative rule conditions
  • Know the role of the Policy activity and declarative rule sets
  • Handle exceptions within a workflow instance
  • Learn to build custom activities
  • Overview the three approaches to authoring a workflows / custom activities

Local Services

  • Learn the role of local services
  • Call external methods from a workflow instance
  • Handle host events within a workflow instance

WF Tracking Services

  • Understand the usefulness of the WF tracking service
  • Learn to track workflow, activity and user events
  • Know the role of the SqlTrackingService type
  • Learn how to obtain tracking information programmatically
  • Know the role of tracking profiles

State Machine Workflows

  • Understand the role of state machine workflows
  • Investigate the state machine activity types
  • Understand the relationship between states, events and state transitions
  • Examine the state machine designers of Visual Studio

WF Persistence Services

  • Understand the role of the WF persistence service
  • Register the persistence service with the WF runtime
  • Learn to persist a workflow instance to a SQL Server database

WF Transaction Services

  • Know the role of the TransactionScope activity
  • Handle custom transactions via the IPendingWork interface
  • Understand the role of (and support for) compensation

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