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Adobe Acrobat 9 Training

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Course Outline

1. Introduction to Adobe Acrobat
  • Adobe PDF on the web
  • Getting started with Adobe Acrobat window
  • Viewing PDF presentations in Full Screen mode
  • Designing document Publishing on the World Wide Web
  • Designing documents for online viewing
  • Using Organizer
2. Getting to Know the Work Area
  • Opening a PDF file in the work area
  • Working with Acrobat task buttons
  • Working with the navigation pane
3. Creating Adobe PDF Files
  • Using the Create PDF command
  • Converting & Combining different types of files
  • Using Print command to create Adobe PDF files
  • Reducing file size
  • About compression and resampling
  • Dragging and dropping files
  • Creating adobe PDF from the context menu (Windows)
  • Creating Adobe PDF from clipboard images
4. Creating Adobe PDF from Microsoft Office Files (Windows)
  • About PDFMaker
  • About Acrobat Connect
  • Converting Microsoft Word files to Adobe PDF
  • Converting and emailing PowerPoint presentations
  • Converting Excel documents and starting a review
  • Converting and attaching files in Microsoft Outlook
  • Converting web pages from Internet Explorer
  • Exporting tables from PDF files
  • Converting and attaching files
  • Converting web pages from Internet Explorer
5. Combining Files in PDF Packages
  • About PDF packages
  • Collecting PDF files in a package
  • Navigating, changing, and sorting PDF files in a package
  • Searching PDF packages
  • Printing PDF packages
6. Creating Adobe PDF from Web Pages
  • Converting web pages to Adobe PDF
  • Connecting to the web
  • Setting options for converting web pages
  • Creating Adobe PDF files from web pages
  • Updating and Converting web pages
7. Converting Email Files to Adobe PDF (Windows)
  • Converting email messages to Adobe PDF
  • Sorting converted emails
  • Adding and printing email messages
  • Migrating PDF archives to PDF packages (Outlook)
  • Setting up automatic archiving in Outlook
8. Working with PDF Files
  • Changing the opening view
  • About the onscreen display
  • Reading PDF documents
  • Searching PDF documents
  • Filling out PDF forms
  • Comparing documents
  • Using the acrobat accessibility features
9. Editing PDF Documents
  • Opening and examining the work file
  • Moving pages with page thumbnails
  • Editing Adobe PDF pages
  • Editing links
  • Inserting one PDF file into another pDF file
  • Looking at bookmarks
  • Deleting and renumbering pages
  • Setting an opening view
10. More About Editing
  • Viewing the work file
  • Looking at articles
  • Editing text
  • Copying text and images from a PDF file
  • Editing images using the TouchUP Object tool
  • Converting PDF pages to Imaged format files
  • Reducing the file size
  • Optimizing for page-at-a-time downloading
11. Using Acrobat in a Review Cycle
  • About the review process
  • Opening the work file
  • Working with comments
  • Marking up documents
  • Summarizing comments
  • Comparing two Adobe PDFdocuments
  • Spell checking comments
  • Printing documents with comments
  • Inviting users of Adobe Reader to participate reviews
  • Setting up email-based reviews
  • Custom Stamps
12. Adding Signatures and Security
  • Working with digital signatures
  • Selecting a signing method
  • Creating and modifying Digital ID's
  • Signing documents
  • Working with Security settings
  • Adding passwords
  • Opening password-protected files
  • Certifying PDF files
13. Creating Multimedia Presentations
  • Adding interactive animations
  • Adding Show/Hide fields
  • Controlling movie clips with buttons
  • Adding sound files and adding multiple actions to one button
  • Creating full screen presentations with transitions
14. Using the Engineering and Technical Features
  • Merging documents
  • Using the Pan & Zoom tool
  • Working with layers
  • Using measuring tools
  • Using Loupe and Cloud Annotation tools
  • Preparing engineering documents for distribution
  • Permanently removing text from PDF documents
15. Using the Legal Features
  • Working with Bates numbering and redaction
  • Creating PDF packages
  • Applying security
16. Working with Forms in Acrobat
  • Converting paper forms to interactive PDF forms
  • Adding Text fields, check boxes, and buttons
  • Distributing, tracking and managing forms
  • Calculating and validating numeric fields
17. Creating Forms with Adobe LiveCycle Designer
  • Building new forms
  • Adding text, graphics, and banners
  • Grouping objects
  • Adding content form fields, radio buttons, and check boxes
  • Adding shapes, drop-down lists, and current date
  • Previewing , exporting, and distributing forms
18. Using Acrobat in Professional Publishing
  • Preflighting files
  • Printing and layers
  • Working with transparency
  • Advanced printing controls
  • Setting up color management
  • The Acrobat prepress features
19. Making Documents Accessible and Flexible
  • About flexibility
  • About Accessibility
  • About structure

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