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Intertech Agile Consulting

Intertech’s seasoned experts deliver Agile consulting including helping you:

Our expert consultants:

        • Understand the benefits of Agile
        • Move from other traditional methods like waterfall and avoid common organizational and cultural issues when shifting to Agile
        • Provide guidance for physical workspace design
        • Provide guidance for Agile team formation and provide training and mentoring to Agile team members
        • Gather and build solid user stories, understand the typical problems with documentation, and run a story planning meeting
        • Use the Agile poker method to provide estimate of tasks
        • Use a burn-down chart
        • Use iteration management to deliver real results every week
        • Create an Agile communication plan
        • Implement daily standups
        • Host a retrospective

    Intertech’s agile consulting services include further, in depth, coverage of areas like estimation and tool selection as well as Agile implementation methods like Scrum.