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Intertech Android Tablet Consulting

Intertech delivers Android Tablet application development consulting services.

Intertech consultants can either completely create your application or help you:

        • Understand and implement Android tablet application development best practices in architecture, design, and programming
        • Leverage the Eclipse IDE and third party tools for creating Android applications
        • Use activities, fragments, and views
        • Create location-based service applications including displaying maps, getting location data, and proximity alerts
        • Implement items like SMS messaging and sending email
        • Identify and access, if available, hardware features like the camera and programming and responding to USB events
        • Prepare, publish, and deploy APK files
        • Manage media files including fragments, FragmentManager, ActionBar, querying media files, responding to clicks, and displaying/controlling progress
        • Use SQLite
        • Fully test the Android application using the Android emulator including creating snapshots, SD card emulation, testing different devices and screen sizes and physical capabilities, and making phone calls
        • Implement threading and background processing
        • Troubleshoot Android tablet performance issues

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