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Front-End Development, Including Everything Angular!

Intertech provides all versions of Angular (Typescript based) & AngularJS (JavaScript Based) consulting to organizations wanting to utilize “Angular” for structural and attributive directives or a model-view-controller (MVC) as the central component.

Our Angular & AngularJS consulting professionals help you:


        • Utilize the latest version of Angular best practices and leverage its simplicity
        • Learn the Angular style guide and how to automatically enforce it using tools like Codelyzer
        • Organize your Angular project structure
        • Define sets of components for screens, routes, and UI elements
        • Create modules that are lazy loaded
        • Effectively migrate your existing AngularJS or Angular project to the current version
        • Understand the role of TypeScript
        • Learn to use Angular CLI for code generation, AOT, builds and so much more
        • Create a component tree
        • Create directives, pipes and validation directives
        • Learn about dependency injection and writing testable code
        • Create a suite of unit tests using tools like Jasmine and Karma
        • Create interceptors to handle adding things like global error handling and additional header information
        • Learn how to create Angular forms using either template driven forms or reactive forms
        • Add NGRX to manage state using the Redux pattern
        • Learn how to manage environment specific settings at app start up


        • Fetch data from a remote back-end data stores and display data effectively to the AngularJS UI
        • Use AngularJS directives for UI and implement filters for data formatting
        • Control data input via forms, leverage the input types, and implement AngularJS forms validation
        • Use best practices for UI/UX including leveraging the role of URLs in web applications
        • Understand and use AngularJS services for managing URLs and navigation
        • Securing AngularJS applications by authenticating and authorizing users
        • Build AngularJS directives
        • Incorporate support for global applications with internationalization of AngularJS applications including translating templates
        • Use field-tested best practices for packaging and deploying AngularJS applications
        • Troubleshoot performance issues in AngularJS applications

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Intertech Is Different Than Other Angular Development Firms

We don’t claim to have senior Angular developers for $20 an hour. Instead, we are an onshore company that supports you with full-time consultants that encompass the soft skills and technical skills your project team needs to be complete rather than just staffed. Rates are set by the value our people bring and the value you require. No more. No less. And they spool up quickly, ask difficult questions others may be leary to address or may not have considered, and make a difference.

Build The Best Team

We bring together the right people at the right time to strengthen your team.

Scalable Resources

Whether needed full or part time to achieve success, we mix the team to fit the requirements.

Spool Up Quickly

Our consultants have multiple project experiences and know how to get to work on your schedule.

We Begin With Everything Necessary To Ensure The Project Team Is Complete

The discovery stage is crucial when setting up the correct team to deliver your project successfully. At times this has been completed before our introduction to the project. In these cases, you may have determined that you only need specific roles added to your project teams, and that is just one way we can help augment your team. Other times clients ask us to take on this role to get an expert outside perspective. Either way, this phase is essential and must be considered to be confident that you have the right talent in place and that what you are building or modifying integrates with your existing system.

Tools & Techniques We Employee:

    • Scope Detailing
    • Analysis
    • Technical Evaluation
    • Initial Requirements Defined
    • Define Delivery Strategy and Roadmap
    • Leveling Workshops (For Your FTE Team-Members – As Needed)

Building A Strong Foundation Is The Key To Success

Converting your vision into reality requires a clear picture of requirements and the experience necessary to set a strong foundation for your new reality. Using the Software Rrequirements Analysis, the design phase encompasses how the application and users interact with each other, with the current infrastructure, and with other applications. In addition, this phase deals with architecture and UI/UX, so all the elements come together seamlessly.

Areas Considered During The Design Phase:

    • Infrastructure
    • Architecture
    • User Interface & Experience Design
    • Usability Testing

We Ensure All The Pieces Are In Place For A Successful Composition

When selecting your team, we ensure it fits your needs, not ours. Of course, top talent is a key to our success, but a proper blend is a formula for project success. At Intertech, we specialize in talent that does more than heads-down programming, but we also understand not everyone on the team needs to be a senior or billing every hour of the day. So, using what we learned in stage one and how stage two comes together, we define your team and estimate the timeline, making sure to keep you updated every step, so there are no surprises.

Areas Considered In The Build Phase:

    • Technical Requirements
    • Timeline
    • Development
    • Quality Assurance (QA) and Testing
    • Incrememntal Product Release (Faster to Market)
    • Refinement & Deployment

We Ensure All The Pieces Are In Place For A Successful Composition

Following the final release, we make sure you are in control. Whether you keep us around as a trusted partner or have us hand it off to your team, we understand that a solid knowledge base is one of the most important aspects of a project. Therefore, following deployment and before we hand over the keys, we always include 30 days of monitoring and mentoring to ensure a smooth roll-off and that your internal team is in control.

Areas Considered In The Completion Phase:

    • Support & Lifecycle
    • Documentation
    • Knowledge Base Retention
    • Team Roll-Off

Our Dedicated IT Recruiting Department Augments Our Consulting Services Perfectly

If you trust your project and recruitment to someone, wouldn’t it be wise to select a firm with a proven record since 1991, helping major companies like GE Healthcare, NASA, Best Buy, and others modernize or pivot to new technologies? Utilizing a proven formula that combines world-class software development, hands-on education and mentoring, and dedicated IT recruiting, Intertech’s clients have found success building software while building their in-house team for the long haul.

Areas Considered In The Recruit & Hire Phase:

  • Ad Placement
  • Technical Testing
  • Personality Assessment
  • Technical Team Interview
  • Hand-off To You For Internal Assessment



Custom Software Development

Intertech’s custom CI/CD, Agile & DevOps-based software development services combine everything you need, including assessments, design, architecture, development, testing, delivery, and deployment.

Legacy Software Modernization & API Customization

Whether evaluating your platform and determining if it should be kept, extended, or replaced… or diving right in to update and customize, we spool up quickly.

Front-End (Client-Side) Development

Your front end is where the user gets to know you, from the graphical user interface to everything that makes up the experience. Our consultants specialize in the tools and techniques required to ensure you create an application your employees and customers love to use with the functionality you expect.

Back-End (Server-Side) Development

Your front end may be what everyone sees and interacts with, but your back end is doing all the work. Let Intertech’s consultants help you get every response served up quickly and accurately while injecting the experience you need so the tough questions are asked.

Web Framework: 2-Tier or 3-Tier & API-Driven

Whether you have decided on a more traditional 2-tier framework (Client Side & Server-Side), a more independently tiered (3-tier) framework (Client-Side, Processing-Logic-Side, & Data-Side), or an API-Driven | Microservices architecture, our experts can help you create what you need or assist your team with design and development.

Summary Of All Software Consulting Services

Architecture – Monolith to Microservices

Tiered, Modular, API-Driven, or microservices? Helping you decide which is the best way forward or adding proven experience to assist your team in the development and getting it right is how we work with our partners.

Intelligent Business Process Automation (BPA) & Optimization

Whether it is part of the modernization process or a completely new solution, automating and optimizing your workflows to eliminate manual tasks is what we do. Let’s implement technology-based solutions that retain your best talent, eliminate manual errors, and make your job easier.

Azure & AWS Cloud Application Development & Integration Services

Integration onto the cloud and away from existing infrastructure can take many forms, whether you have selected a multi, hybrid, or a single-service solution. We create and integrate your applications no matter which option you have chosen. As a Microsoft Gold Partner and AWS development partner, we bring incites that can help from start to finish.

Agile, CI/CD & DevOps Resource Library

We don’t just consult companies on Agile; we live Agile and the various forms of development agility. It’s how we run our business, manage our day-to-day operations, and drive the faster deployment of the necessities.

Decision-Makers Corner

Tips and tricks to help you succeed as an IT manager and thought leader!