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Intertech’s full-stack specialists, WebAssembly, and asm.js consulting brings together the experience and soft skills you need in a single turn-key package to complete your project on schedule and on budget. Our experts help you select the right technologies, languages, libraries, and toolsets for your company and ensure your project is done right from the start, whether working with us independently or in a co-development setting.

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Intertech delivers asm.js consulting, however WebAssembly is now recommended as your solution. — asm.js is a JavaScript subset that, thru pre-validation, lets JavaScript engines perform optimized compilation.

If still interested in our asm.js consulting, we can help with:

    • Understand what’s being considered in the current prerelease specification
    • Know the value and benefits of Ahead-Of-Time Compilation (AOT)
    • Determine how to define a ready-to-market plan for your applications to take advantage of asm.js
    • Learn the value of unboxed numeric representations, no garbage collection, and heap efficiency
    • Know the data types including core types like void, double, int, unknown, and extern
    • Understand the global and variable environment
    • Learn the essential syntax of asm.js and annotations including parameter, return, function, global, and variable
    • Know the use of validation rules including export and function declarations as well as statements including block, expression, empty, if, return, iteration, break, continue, and switch
    • Know the role of expressions including, among others, member, assignment, shift, and bitwise
    • Troubleshoot performance issues in asm.js