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Intertech Back-End Consulting

Intertech experts deliver field proven Back-End consulting in these areas and others:

JavaScript Consulting

Intertech delivers consulting on Scala.Intertech’s web design and development experts deliver JavaScript consulting services, along with HTML5 and jQuery consulting services, to create a highly interactive, intuitive web applications.

Our expert JavaScript consultants:

    • Help you architect, design, build, and deploy an application that uses JavaScript
    • Leverage JavaScript’s built-in objects
    • Implement dynamic forms with clean validation
    • Show you how to use Regular Expressions
    • Understand the HTML Document Object Model (DOM) and Dynamic HTML
    • Correctly implement error handling
    • Leverage a JavaScript Framework
    • Troubleshoot JavaScript performance issues

Scala Consulting 

Intertech delivers consulting on Scala.

Our consultants can help you:

    • Understand and use Scala classes and application framework
    • Learn the built-in control structures, control abstraction, and composition and inheritance in Scala
    • Leverage packages and imports
    • Learn the importance of unit testing and assertions
    • Work with lists, collections, stateful objects, the Scala collections API, and abstract members
    • Implement implicit conversions and parameters
    • Leverage XML with Scala
    • Integrate Scala with Java

Ruby Consulting 

Intertech consultants deliver expertise on Ruby

Intertech’s professional Ruby developers can help you:

    • Install, configure, and understand your Ruby environment including the Ruby Debugger, Interpreter, RDoc, RubyGems, and Rake
    • Understand the fundamentals of the Ruby language including reserved words, comments, numbers, variables (local, instance, class, global), symbols, predefined variables, pseudovariables, global constants, ranges, methods, conditional statements, and classes
    • Use field proven best practices for exception handling in Ruby
    • Understand and use Ruby’s classes including the Object, String, Array, and Hash
    • Implement solutions that use patterns like Singleton with Ruby
    • Understand reflection and metaprogramming
    • Implement a solution that use proper security as well as options for restricting execution/safe levels

Java Consulting 

Intertech’s Java consulting practice continues to grow as do our customers. From complete project development to co-development, Intertech’s Java consulting has become the dependable Java development arm of Fortune 500s, small businesses, and government agencies across the nation.

.NET Consulting 

Intertech’s consultants are very experienced in improving performance by leveraging tools like Ant.aIntertech is a Microsoft Gold Partner with multiple competencies and stellar reviews on Microsoft’s partner rating website.
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