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Bugzilla is an open-source web-based software application used for bug tracking and issue management. Originally developed and used by the Mozilla Foundation to track bugs in the Mozilla web browser, Bugzilla has since become a widely adopted tool for bug tracking and issue management in various software development projects and organizations.

For Bugzilla consulting, Intertech’s experts can help you:

    • Bug Tracking: Bugzilla primarily serves as a tool for tracking and managing software defects, also known as bugs. It allows users to report bugs, assign them to developers or teams, track their status, and prioritize them based on severity and impact.
    • Customization: Bugzilla is highly customizable, allowing organizations to adapt it to their specific workflows and processes. Custom fields, statuses, and workflows can be configured to match the development methodology in use.
    • User Access Control: Bugzilla provides robust access control mechanisms, allowing administrators to define who can access, modify, and comment on bugs. Different levels of access can be granted to developers, testers, managers, and external stakeholders.
    • Search and Reporting: Users can perform advanced searches to filter and find specific bugs. Bugzilla also offers reporting features that enable the generation of various types of reports, charts, and graphs based on bug data.
    • Email Notifications: Bugzilla can send email notifications to relevant parties when there are updates to bugs or changes in their status. This helps in keeping all stakeholders informed about the progress of bug resolution.
    • Integration: Bugzilla can be integrated with other software development tools and version control systems to create a comprehensive development environment. Integration with version control systems like Git, Subversion, and others is common.
    • Automation: It supports automation of various tasks through scripting and triggers, allowing for workflow automation and customization.
    • Localization: Bugzilla is available in multiple languages and supports internationalization and localization efforts.

    Bugzilla is particularly popular in open-source software development projects but is also used in proprietary software development, quality assurance, and IT departments for issue tracking and project management. It has a large and active user community, which has led to the development of numerous extensions and plugins to enhance its functionality.

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