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Intertech Business Process Automation (BPA)

Business Process Automation (BPA)


Eliminate human error and replace manual tasks by letting Intertech use technology to automate all recurring workflows through custom software that you own and have the rights to resell to internal departments, other companies, and retail consumers.


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Achieve Greater Efficiency Through Streamlining

Business Process Automation Benefiuts - Data Capture, Simplify Process, Consistency, Security, and more

Benefits Of BPA:

Drives Efficiency

Standardizes Processes

Generates Usable Data For Predictive Modeling and Automated Intelligence

Eliminates Errors

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What Is Business Process Automation And How Will It Help My Company?

What Is Business Process Automation?

The implementation of technology to take care of business processes and minimize human intervention, to help to eliminate errors, verify compliance with laws unique to your business, and generate efficiencies that deliver consistencies by standardizing the way things are done, and in-turn streamlining your business process, so you realize more profit with less headache. That’s Business Process Automation!

What Are The Immediate Benefits of BPA

Taking human error out of the system and eliminating manual entry after initial entry by the customer or point of contact, and sometimes even all-together will show immediate results. At the same time, you are generating proprietary real-time data that can be modeled and used for forecasting, predictive events, and understanding your customer that much better. These are some of the benefits of BPA

What Business Processes Can Be Automated?

Almost any area that is repetitive can be automated. These areas can fall under management, customer service, global processes (i.e., taxes, manufacturing, agriculture, and even stock buying and selling or gambling). Think of anything within your business that is high-volume, must follow compliance laws, is time-sensitive, and generates recurring data. These are candidates for BPA.
Where Should You Start?

Determine Your Companies Appetite For Automated Improvements

Determine the mood of your organization toward automation. Buy-in from key stakeholders is required. Business Process Automation changes how work gets done and can generate fear that jobs will be eliminated rather than create a more efficient and enjoyable workplace. When considering ROI, make sure to calculate it over a realistic period, understanding that your business will need to rely on automation at some point in the future for your company to stay competitive.

Identify Processes That May Lend Themselves To Automation

There are two items to consider. The first is which processes are taking up considerable time and are repetitive. The repetition can be spread over hours or days, but a job is typically based on repetition. The second item to consider is what is being generated from the process. If data is the result, stakes are higher because all data generated and collected in the correct form gives your business leaders the ability to predict upcoming events and forecast more accurately.

Identify Specific Steps Within Each Targeted Process For Automation

After identifying potential processes for automation, outline the specific steps within each process that can be improved or eliminated. The existing process must be improved enough to make automation worth the time and investment, so take care in evaluating each step within each process. Consider speaking with your internal business analyst and IT department, or contacting Intertech to help you assess your operation and develop an outline that fits your needs.
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