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Case Study: Helping Springfield Armory Extract More Value from Its Microsoft SQL Server

by | Jan 7, 2019

From time to time, we like to share case studies of what we’ve been working on here at Intertech. It gives insight into the type of work we do, what you can expect if you work with Intertech to solve your software needs, and what it’s like to work as a consultant for Intertech on challenging projects.

In our new case study, Intertech consultants’ SQL Server expertise helped our client Springfield Armory drastically improve runtimes on queries and make data more available across the organization. After the success of our initial engagement, Springfield asked Intertech to look into more opportunities to drive value from the data. We’re happy to report that Intertech’s custom application and data warehouse now power business intelligence and sales insights for Springfield, delivering real-time information about distributors and contracts throughout North America.


Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Expertise

Springfield approached Intertech frustrated with their experience upgrading to Microsoft SQL Server 2014. They expected big performance gains over the old 2002 version of the SQL Server they were running previous, but those gains didn’t materialize as anticipated. Needing guidance, Intertech sent in Chris Carson, a SQL Server expert consultant to diagnose the issues and offer recommendations to Springfield’s internal development team. Chris’s expertise in schema design, query construction, and reporting helped Springfield’s team identify opportunities for major optimizations in their applications used by hundreds of employees.

Impressed with the first round of results Intertech produced, Springfield asked for recommendations for new applications that could be built atop their database. Intertech proposed and implemented a proprietary sales and orders reporting cube built atop a data warehouse. The data from the warehouse could then be made available via a dashboard for company executives, sales, and marketing.

Intertech developers created the application in-house and delivered it to Springfield using an agile approach. Basic requirements defined a minimum viable product. Thereafter, Intertech developers worked on a series of sprints to add more requested features and functionality.

Real-time, granular sales and forecasting data from interactions with distributors, retailers, and bulk purchasers allow Springfield to make up-to-the-minute predictions and business decisions with the most recent data.


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