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Case Study: Remote Diagnostics for a Global Marine Manufacturer Using D3 & React

by | Mar 27, 2019

From time to time, we like to share case studies of what we’ve been working on here at Intertech. It gives insight into the type of work we do, what you can expect if you work with Intertech to solve your software needs, and what it’s like to work as a consultant for Intertech on challenging projects.

Our newest case study features work Intertech did for a multi-billion dollar global marine manufacturer. Technicians across the globe need support when troubleshooting problems. Often, these technicians are in remote locations where it’s difficult to get an expert to take a look at the problem. Our expert Intertech consultants created an integration that allows for real-time remote diagnostics of engines and equipment.

Working Remotely in More Ways Than One

Intertech’s consultants worked remotely from our Eagan, Minnesota office to research, create, and deploy this web application. In turn, the application allows the client’s subject matter experts to remotely diagnose engine issues worldwide from the comfort of their central offices.

This project is an extension of Intertech’s earlier work with this client to enable real-time video feeds using Raspberry Pi, so experts could see what technicians on the ground around the world are seeing. Now, this new web application allows the client to store and transmit proprietary diagnostic information and visualize that information remotely in real time.

Intertech’s research ahead of time means that this new tool plays nice with the client’s existing hardware and software around the world. It integrates with existing workflows for technicians, and it includes an intuitive user interface for a quick learning curve.

Supplementing the Client’s Team

Intertech consultants excel at supplementing an existing development team. This project was no different. The client didn’t have developers on their internal team with the necessary bandwidth or experience to implement a new project of this scale. By engaging Intertech, the client expanded the breadth and depth of their development team, all without the overhead of having to hire new staff.

Our consultants provided deep expertise in .NET Core, React, and D3 in order to create this real-time, highly available web app. The new application extends the ways the client can support their products around the world while still working within the tech stack and requirements of the client. This creates a great user experience for employees and technicians, ultimately leading to higher customer satisfaction with the maintenance and repair process.

Learn More

To find out more about our project with this client, check out our newly released case study. To hear about other solutions we’ve implemented for past clients in wide-ranging industries, dive into our past case studies.

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