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Case Study: Using React to Modernize a Nationwide Legal Application

by | May 24, 2019

From time to time, we like to share case studies of what we’ve been working on here at Intertech. It gives insight into the type of work we do, what you can expect if you work with Intertech to solve your software needs, and what it’s like to work as a consultant for Intertech on challenging projects.

Our newest case study features work Intertech did for a national estate claims settlement company. Their software-as-a-service model allows creditors, governments, healthcare providers, and other organizations to make claims for unpaid debts once an estate reaches the probate process. Intertech’s expert consultants led the client’s team in a complete rewrite of the application’s frontend using React. Meanwhile, they kept the look and feel true to the original application, improving the user experience without confusing existing users with a new design.

12 Weeks to Deployment

The client first approached Intertech in 2017 for assistance choosing a web framework. They wanted to completely refactor the frontend of their flagship application. Until then, the app used Adobe Flex, which has become deprecated and is Flash-dependent. As a result, the client wanted to move to a modern single-page web app in the new iteration.

Our consultants worked closely with the client to help them finalize the decision to use React. The consultants then worked alongside the client’s team to implement the refactor. Working in agile sprints, Intertech was able to successfully deliver a refactored application in twelve weeks, on schedule.

Reduced Maintenance & Greater Portability

As a result of the redesign, the client is spending less time and resources on maintenance for the application. With regular updates to React and the move to REST web services that Intertech helped implement, the application is more modular. Consequently, it’s easier for the client’s developers to resolve issues and add new features.

Moreover, customers benefit from a better user experience. React applications work on all modern browsers and can be made responsive across mobile devices. Therefore, the client is seeing fewer support tickets for platform compatibility. Additionally, the new application loads more quickly and requires fewer dependencies from users.

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To find out more about our project with this client, check out our newly released case study. To hear about other solutions we’ve implemented for past clients in wide-ranging industries, dive into our past case studies.

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