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Congratulations to the 2017 Intertech Foundation STEM Scholarship Winner

by | May 16, 2017

Please join me in congratulating Logan Woock, 2017 recipient of the Intertech Foundation STEM scholarship. Logan competed against hundreds of other applicants for the $2,500 college scholarship, many of whom knocked our socks off with their academic performance and passion for computer science.

Yet Logan stood out in that impressive crowd for many of the same reasons we choose to hire certain people over other equally technically qualified applicants at Intertech. Not only is he whip smart, he understands the importance of continually learning and growing in new ways. He’s also well-rounded in his interests and believes in giving back.

“I am motivated to participate in interesting and purposeful new activities, some of which get me out of my ‘comfort zone,’” he says.

These activities included serving on his high school’s Student Council for three years, serving as captain of varsity and club athletic teams, as well as participating on the school’s varsity math team for four years. He graduated 10th in his class at Grand Rapids High School, after completing 11 advanced, 13 International Baccalaureate and 9 College in Schools classes. He also was selected (based on his test scores) to compete in the Tests of Engineering Aptitude in Mathematics and Science (TEAMS) competition in 2015.

Logan is a mathlete and an athlete!

In addition, Logan has developed impressive business and leadership skills, including serving as a leader of the city of Grand Rapids 2015 indoor soccer athletic program for boys in grades 6-12 and qualifying for the Business Professionals of America 2016 Minnesota State leadership conference. He also placed first in the 2016 Region 5 Competitive Events for Web Design and for Personal Finance Management.

Logan further impressed the Foundation scholarship selection committee when he proactively reached out to tutor Special Needs high school students, many of whom had emotional behavioral disabilities and mental disorders.

And he’s not afraid to work hard. As a sophomore at UMD majoring in computer science, Logan has a cumulative GPA of 3.765 (and higher in his computer science courses). He juggles coursework with his job at the UMD TechCenter, where he fixes computers for students and staff.

“I work full-time during summer breaks and intend to keep working on campus in the TechCenter while attending UMD in order to save as much money as possible towards my UMD college expenses,” he explains.

This young man knows how to hustle!

Oh, I forgot to mention something else that made Logan stand out: he was a performer in 2014 and 2015 in the Reif Dance Company’s performance of “Nutcracker Suite.”

So, you see, he truly knows how to move!

Logan told us that he “tries to learn something new from everything that I do.”

His well-rounded resume is a testament to his determination to keep growing and challenging himself. We respect his intellectual achievements and appreciate him as an accomplished person who is as comfortable on an athletic field as he is in front of a computer or even on a theatrical stage. Logan is not afraid to push hard, to stretch himself and to give back.

We think Logan Woock is well on his way to achieving his dream of being a successful software applications developer!

Learn more about the Intertech Foundation STEM scholarship on our website.

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