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ActionScript Consulting

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Intertech's ActionScript consultants can build your ActionScript application front-to-back or provide strategic consulting including helping  you:

  • Learn the core ActionScript language fundamentals including variables/data types, casting, strict mode, operators, conditionals, logical operators, conditional and looping logic, arrays, vectors, local variables, parameters/arguments, returning values from functions, and absolute vs. relative addresses
  • Leverage graphics and interaction including properties, events, event listeners, methods, keyboard events to call methods, event propagation, and frame/timer events
  • Use of the display list including adding custom symbol instances to the display list, managing object names/positions/data types, and changing the display list hierarchy
  • Implement and use Object Oriented Programming (OOP) including use of classes, inheritance, encapsulation, and polymorphism
  • Use motion including velocity, acceleration, collision with objects/points/stage boundaries
  • Implement circular movement
  • Program tweening
  • Use the graphics class for drawing lines, curves, solid fills, shapes, and gradients
  • Draw with pixels including soft-edge masks and opaque bitmaps
  • Implement advanced filters and color effects with ColorTransform, ColorMatrixFilter, and the Color class
  • Save and encode images
  • Use text including text fields, dynamic text fields, input text fields with formatting, tab stops, and embedded fonts
  • Trigger ActionScript from HTML links
  • Understand the ActionScript sound architecture including working with internal/external sounds, playing/stopping/pausing/buffering sound, controlling volume, and reading ID3 metadata from MP3 sounds
  • Record, play, and save input from the microphone
  • Play video including handling different encoding, formats, and presets
  • Load assets including SWFs, images, data, text, variables, and binary data
  • Troubleshoot ActionScript performance issues

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Intertech impresses me as a company. I would recommend the individuals I have worked with and indeed the company as a whole because one can tell the results we have gotten are a combination of the company’s culture and the individuals capabilities.

Brian B