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Intertech’s expert Marmalade consultants can help you create your Marmalade application front-to-back or with specific issues including helping you:

  • Get started with the Marmalade SDK including Installing a development environment, choosing license type, installing Marmalade , and using the Marmalade configuration utility
  • Understand the MKB file, build directory, and data directory including compiling and deploying a Marmalade based application to Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and Bada devices
  • Understand Resource management including the Marmalade ITX file format, the CIwManaged class, resource manager, and graphics APIs
  • Get user input include key input, touch screen and pointer input, gesture inputs, and accelerometer input
  • Implement UI including using the IwUI API and IwNUI API, implementing a data-driven system, dealing with differing screen resolutions, and orientation
  • Implement 3D Graphics Rendering including 3D to 2D projection, IwGx to render 3D graphics, understand the view and model matrix
  • Understand the Marmalade 3D model formats including GROUP, MTL, AND GEO
  • Animate 3D Graphics including 3D animation file formats  (SKEL,  SKIN, ANIM) and loading and rendering an exported 3D animation
  • Implement fonts including working with the IwGxFont API, creating a font resource, understanding  the GXFONT file format, and loading and accessing font resources
  • Localize your project
  • Add sound and video to your Marmalade project including using  the s3eAudio, s3eSound, and s3eVideo API
  • Target a wide range of devices including issues like different screen resolutions, resources, and capabilities
  • Create resource sets and resource templates including defining material, image, model, animation, and GROUP templates
  • Extend Marmalade with the EDK (Extensions Development Kit) for Android, iOS, and other OS deployments
  • Troubleshoot performance or other issues in a Marmalade application

Intertech delivers a full suite of mobile cross platform consultingiPhone consultingAndroid Consulting, and Windows Store/Phone consulting.

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Intertech impresses me as a company. I would recommend the individuals I have worked with and indeed the company as a whole because one can tell the results we have gotten are a combination of the company’s culture and the individuals capabilities.

Brian B