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Node.js Consulting

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Intertech delivers Node.js consulting.  We can help you:

  • Install and configure Node.js
  • Leverage Node.js in high-performance web servers
  • Understand Node REPL
  • Leverage the event loop, understand the I/O problem space, write code for production, and handle errors
  • Improve performance in Node.js thru use of multiple processors
  • Use the core Node.js APIs including events and EventEmitter, callback syntax, HTTP servers/clients, I/O with streams/filesystem/buffers
  • Understand console.log
  • Implement the helper APIs including DNS, Crypto, Hashing, and HMAC
  • Understand Public Key Cryptography
  • Implement processes including child and process module
  • Design solid testing into applications thru assert
  • Use field proven best practices for data access including working with CouchDB, Redis, MongoDB, MySQL, and PostgreSQL
  • Improve database performance with connection pooling
  • Understand MQ protocols
  • Leverage packages including understanding and use of package manager and searching/creating/publishing packages
  • Troubleshoot Node.js performance issues

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Intertech impresses me as a company. I would recommend the individuals I have worked with and indeed the company as a whole because one can tell the results we have gotten are a combination of the company’s culture and the individuals capabilities.

Brian B