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Software Development Project Feasibility Study

Familiar with those often forgotten pitfalls that derail development projects and cost valuable time and budget dollars? They’re not always obvious but always painful. Thankfully, they can be avoided. Our Project Feasibility service is aimed at helping customers discover those before they become an issue.

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About the Study

Our Sr. Consultants walk through the Discovery, Feasibility, and Strategy phases of planning a software development project outlined below using the same templates and procedures we use on our own projects.

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Stakeholder Questionnaire



Wondering whether to build or buy an off-the-shelf software solution? Our high-level functionality discovery service will analyze your current resources, consider your business opportunities and provide sound advice about what you need to move ahead in the most effective, cost-efficient way possible.

Business Problem Analysis

Functionality Discovery

Off-The-Shelf Consideration


Discovery phase findings allow us to quickly and accurately map out your requirements for development, maintenance, DevOps skillsets, schedules and deployment.

Full Technical Skill and Competency Review

Time to Market Requirement Analysis

Regulatory and Internationalization Assessment


At this stage we’ll define recommendations for the technology stack, provide a project management game plan and propose necessary team resources.

You’ll also receive a project launch map and follow-on support plan. In short: everything you need to plan the actual rollout, as well as manage your documentation needs and the full software development lifecycle.

Software Development Lifecycle Planning

Documentation Needs

Rollout Options

Proposed Resource Model

Suggested Technology Stack

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