Intertech CSS Consulting

Intertech delivers expert CSS3 consulting services in our full suite of web development consulting services.

Our expert consultants:

        • Provide CSS3 best practices
        • Design templates for CSS3 stylesheets that are highly intuitive and interactive with best/correct fonts use, colors, backgrounds, and floats
        • Guide you on how to use class and id to specify properties
        • Implement the box model with borders, margin, padding, width, and height
        • Leverage CSS3 new features to create cutting edge animation effects, rounded corners, gradients, and text and box shadows
        • Implement 2D Transformations including scale, skew, and matrix
        • Use layers and multi-column layouts
        • Verify CSS3 stylesheets for W3C-standard compliance, browser compatibility, and compliance with copyright and open source fonts
        • Target and resolve CSS3 performance problems