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At Intertech we believe strongly in contributing to and advancing the developer community. That means we’re often active members on sites and forums such as GitHub, Stack Overflow, and many other developer resource sites. We’ll often post updates on certain involvement here on our blog to keep our readers in the know.

This post has to deal with a question regarding SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) 2016. Are you having trouble with your report viewer icons not displaying for SSRS 2016 Report Viewer V13? So did Kyle L., one of our devs. Kyle posted this problem on Microsoft’s forums and started a discussion with fellow devs.

The question: SSRS 2016 Report Viewer V13 Toolbar Icons not displaying

SQL Server Reporting Services Power View


To see the full discussion, go to Microsoft’s Questions Forum.

Microsoft recently updated their GitHub page for the control we’re trying to use to include Kyle’s issue in the Known Issues section. Check out the GitHub page showing my issue as the first known issue.