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JavaScript’s “this”, DevOps Readiness, and Even More

by | Jun 23, 2017

For the 100th Dev Digest, we changed it up with a slight redesign. New design, but the same great content roundup. Read below about JavaScript’s “this” variable, a talk with tech industry leaders, and more.

Learn Something New

This first piece on JavaScript is a little old, but still relevant. Learn some common pitfalls of JavaScript’s special variable, “this”.

Think your DevOps practices are working well? Take this assessment from Microsoft and see if you are truly ready for DevOps.

President Trump had a private talk with with the leaders of the tech industry including Apple CEO Tim Cook, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, and Amazon chief Jeff Bezos.

“The following instructions will setup a no frills IoT Edge implementation that demonstrates how to send and receive data from IoT Hub.”

A Tip From Our Devs

Using Spring Security? Here’s a that will allow you to get it to work with the Active Directory LDAP server.

Have a Laugh

Excessive clicking fixes everything

Enjoy the Weekend!

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