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A SQL Oddity, JavaScript Monads, and Even More

by | Sep 22, 2017

In this Dev Digest episode, you have the opportunity to learn about several different things. Included is a piece on a potential problem with SQL Server 2016 Pack 1, another part of a great series, and a nice iPhone 8 review. See what else we have below!

Learn Something New

This developer found some oddities when using one of SQL Server 2016 Pack 1‘s new performance tuners. Find out what went wrong.

Here’s another part of Eric Elliot’s Composing Software series. This one teaches you about JavaScript “monads”.

“Learn how to keep control of all the moving parts in your microservices architecture with an API gateway to decrease complexity.”

Interested in the iPhone 8 or 8 Plus? See if they’re the right choice for you in this review from engadget.

A Tip From Our Devs

Tinkering around with a Raspberry Pi? We have a list of our favorite OS’s to use. Check it our in this Dev Tip!

Have a Laugh

“A level computer science”

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Credit to reddit user “benXP”

Enjoy the Weekend!