SQL Database Advantages, Tea Leaves Effect, and Even More

by | Sep 29, 2017

Welcome Dev Digest followers! Alongside some good content, we have an opinion article that talks about how the smartphone industry is doing away with headphone jacks. What do you think about this shift? Like or dislike?

Learn Something New

We may see an increase in chatbots soon due to commercial businesses being able to get their hands on Next IT’s chat bot libraries.

Learn the unique advantages of SQL Database with this SaaS app example.

Hey CSPOs! Watch this explanation of the “tea leaves effect” in this article from Gunther Verheyen. It talks about making sure your backlog is clean of all non-essential items.

With many smartphone companies starting to ditch the headphone jack comes many different opinions. See why this author is not in favor of this new trend.

A Tip From Our Devs

Since we’re already talking about SQL Database from the 2nd article, we may as well throw in a SQL Database Dev Tip! Here’s a great tutorial from our friends over at Microsoft. Learn about the basics of SQL Database now.

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How to tell HTML from HTML5

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