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The Ticket Trick, Clean UX Design, and Even More

by | Oct 13, 2017

Our Dev Digest series continues with Episode 115. Today, we’ll be talking about a very unique hack, why we see so many similar webpages throughout the internet, and more.

Learn Something New

See how this developer hacked hundreds of companies using what he calls the “Ticket Trick”.

We haven’t shared a good article on UX Design lately, so here you go! See why clean design is truly the best.

“What can neuroscience teach us about the brains of software developers? A lot.” Learn more here.

Read about one of the worst bugs in the history of computers!

A Tip From Our Devs

Davin M. provides us with this week’s Dev Tip. Today, you’ll learn how to use one of ASP.NET Core MVC’s newer features called Tag Helpers.

Have a Laugh

Comic explaining The 5 Stages of Debugging

Enjoy the Weekend!

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