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402: Payment Required, Moonshots, & More…

by | Jan 31, 2019

This week’s dev digest is a multimedia experience. There’s a video of Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, there’s an interactive phishing game from Google, and of course the great articles you’ve come to expect from the weekly dev digest. Let’s get right to it!


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Dev Tips

  • Dropbox is working on scaling its datacenters and maintaining redundancy. Here’s how their datacenter network is connected.
  • Smartphones might be boring at this point, but manufacturers are working on crazy features, like foldable screens and pop-out cameras
  • Google has developed a new phishing quiz to test your ability to distinguish fake from real. Think you can pass it?
  • David Walsh explores some advanced React concepts in his blog, and his newest post exposes a weakness in React and how David got around it
  • The internet has a “402: Payment Required” error code that hasn’t been used because we don’t have a framework for micropayments to websites. Isn’t it time to change that?
  • With the quick release cycle of Java, it can be a tough sell to get companies into the idea of updating. Here’s how to get buy-in for moving beyond Java 8


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  • We did a and why it’s getting so popular these days
  • Don’t miss our five tips for getting your with ease


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