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A Fun Bug, Awesome READMEs, & More…

by | Jun 4, 2019

The dev digest is back again this week with all the best articles, stories, and videos on software development. Stay on top of the news, latest trends in development, and leadership insights when you subscribe to the dev digest!

Top Stories

Dev Corner

  • Functional programming’s benefits extend to lazy evaluation and scalability. If you’re not up to speed on functional programming, this is a good place to start understanding the rationale
  • Back to basics: brush up on your understanding of the 4 types of polymorphism in Java and what they mean
  • In this post, Martin Fowler asks, “Is high quality software worth it?” Or, should we focus on shipping new features rather than making clean, readable code?
  • The README is often the first thing people will see when they want to use your software – make your readme awesome with these tips

Professional Advice

  • For many developers, overwhelm is a serious concern at work – here’s how to combat overwhelm and get some perspective
  • When you’re interviewing for jobs, you should be interviewing the company as much as the company is interviewing you. Here are some key questions to ask companies in your interviews
  • Coding involves sitting at a desk most of the day, but taking care of your body is super important to your success. Simple Programmer makes the case for why developers especially need exercise
  • As a manager, allow your team to think on their own and figure things out for themselves. It’s empowering and builds trust

Tips from Intertech

  • We helped an estate claims company update their application that processes over $1 billion in claims using React – learn about it in our newest case study

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