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Evil List, Keyboard Shortcuts, & More…

by | Feb 5, 2020

The dev digest is back again this week with all the best articles, stories, and videos on software development. Stay on top of the news, latest trends in development, and leadership insights when you subscribe to the dev digest!

Top Stories

  • Over half of people who consume APIs are not software developers a new study has found
  • The lead developer of Rust Actix-Web, a popular web framework, has left the project, citing a toxic community, while the repo is now back up, the maintainer has quit open source
  • Slate released its Evil List: the tech companies that are doing the most harm in the world

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  •  As the saying goes, time is money. Learn about the work we did for a multi-billion dollar financial institution for their 1.5 million+ cardholders.

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