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Interstate Pizza, Failing Tests, & More…

by | Mar 18, 2020

First, A Note From Intertech

Who would have thought a month ago we would be where we are today. Although safety is paramount under these conditions, we must not forget that businesses must continue to operate for the wellbeing of all the people that rely on them. With this in mind, please know that Intertech has taken the recommended safety precautions, added to them based on our business model, and has made a conscious effort to focus on the ray of light that still shines through these clouds. Fortunately, our business, and probably yours, is unique in the way that it can remain productive, whether in the office or from a remote setting. For this reason, we will try to keep everyone safe and continue providing technical content as we move through this crisis.

As an update about our contributors, Intertech consultants and Momentum Works developers have taken necessary precautions while organizing optional work environments where they can continue to bring expertise to their client’s projects and new insights to our subscribers. It is a model we have utilized for years and are confident in the results. Most importantly, when this is over, it will be comforting to know that progress has continued, and you and your business are in good health.

Training has been successfully instructing professionals through virtual live online training since the advent of the smartboard. It is a proven form and offers the convenience of live questions, group interaction, and labs with an instructor looking over your shoulder. Because of this, we will continue all classes remotely, including Agile and Scrum instruction, so businesses and individual’s seeking professional development can keep moving forward during these unexpected times.

We care for you, your companies wellbeing, and we value your readership. Know that Intertech will take all necessary precautions to keep everyone safe and sound on this end while making sure that any insights we can provide will continue.

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And Now, Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Program…

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