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Top Stories

  • Apple’s latest update brings COVID-19 tools to the masses. From the option for mask wearers to skip Face ID to the controversial API for a coronavirus contact-tracing tool, learn what users can expect to see with iOS 13. 5

Developer Corner

  • Scala – 1, Koltin – 0? One senior developer weighs on what is it about Scala that makes developers prefer it over Kotlin
  • Want to build a better mobile experience? It doesn’t have to feel like a compromise. One strategy to consider is incorporating more data visualizations of written content into your layout


Professional Advice


Tips from Intertech

  • Before coronavirus was the hot topic, machine learning was at the forefront of most industry leaders’ conversations. As we return to a new ‘normal’, machine learning will play a vital role in helping companies work smarter and more strategically in a stressed marketplace. Here’s a throwback to our Executive Brief on machine learning, highlighting what business leaders need to know about its widespread and growing uses.