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  • For many developers, working from home has lead to even more time sitting at a desk. For a profession that already involves a ton of desk time, this can quickly lead to lethargy and burnout. Here’s some advice on how to stay energized while glued to your desk all-day
  • At some point in their career, everyone suffers from ‘Imposter Syndrome’, the feeling that you don’t really know what you are doing. Overcoming these moments are critical to advancing your career and doing so comes down to shifting your mindset to reframe your thinking 


Congratulations To Emily Dahl – Intertech Foundation STEM Scholarship Winner

  • The pool of applications for the 2020 Intertech Foundation STEM scholarship was filled with talented young adults excited to embark on their next step and committed to reaching their goals.  Amazed by the overall theme of determination, we decided to award not one, but two scholarships.  Join us as we highlight the first recipient, Emily Dahl, and stay tuned for next week when our focus shifts to our other scholarship awardee and an announcement about the opening of our STEM Scholarship – Round Two