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Welcome to our weekly edition of the Dev Digest where we put together the best links to help you stay on top of what’s happening in the world of software and web development. From top stories to development tips, professional advice, and more, we’ve collected the best articles, stories, and videos of the week from across the web.  Now let’s get to it.


Angular Development — Part 11: Testing Complex Component Interaction 

All good things must come to an end! We’re wrapping up our series on Angular Development this week with a focus on testing, specifically addressing some of the trickier, complex testing scenarios that arise with component interaction and how to test the situation accurately.


  • We hope you’ve found our 11-part series to be a helpful resource in advancing your Angular know-how. Should you want to revisit the topics, make sure to bookmark this page for easy reference.


Top Story

Banning Typewriters in 1981…

  • A fascinating look back at Steve Job’s call for all employees 40 years ago to lead by example. The call? Banning all typewriters from the Apple offices.


Developer Corner

A Look at What’s Ahead for Open Source…

  • It’s a new year which means there’s plenty of prediction and trend-watch talk to be found. Here’s one take on what’s ahead for open source as we head into 2021.


Streaming Events From a Server…

  • In need of an easy way to stream events from a server? Server sent events may be the answer you were looking for. Check out this step-by-step look at how to set them up and some possible bugs to watch for.


Professional Advice

The Case for Longer Meetings…

  • Want to empower and get more out of your team? According to this source, and contrary to common assumptions, the key may lie in longer, more thoughtful meetings.

Two Way Street…

  • For code reviews to work properly, both sides need to put forth effort into the process. Here are eight tips to help ensure your next code goes smoothly.