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Digital Transformation (DX) Services: Solving Problems & Transforming Your Processes


Digital transformation services changes everything, from the way leaders think to the way technology is used within your business.

Building on both of these, Intertech delivers the expertise needed to bring leaders along as the technology changes and supports the tech changes with professional teams of experienced consultants that cover everything from Project Management to UX/UI to development to testing and deployment.

Achieve Greater Efficiency Through Digital Transformation

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Benefits Of DX:
Improves Customer Experience
Provides Insights To Customers That May Be Unavailable Anywhere Else
Improves Collaboration Between Departments
Eliminates Errors And Makes You More Agile As Market Trends Change
Let’s make your workplace more efficient!

What Is Digital Transformation?

What Is Digital Transformation And How Will It Help My Business?

What It Is

Digital transformation services is a complete and continuous business transformation that does not have to happen all at once. Introducing change can be as simple as streamlining a process or combining multiple tasks into one automated system that generates valuable data before moving on to the next step. Digital transformation is contagious, and once leaders realize the value, that’s when change takes place.

What Does It Look Like.

Digital transformation takes multiple forms, from mobile wallets to taking consumer data and turning it into valuable insights that various departments within your company can use to predict patterns, forecast trends, and dictate successful marketing campaigns. From taxes to pacemakers to manual, error-prone tasks, once automated, you will save time and focus on what’s important.

Who Does It Impact?

Digital transformation impacts the entire company, your clients, and your bottom line. Through the introduction of digital technologies specific to your company’s services and internal tasks, digital transformation improves the way your employees look at your company and feel about their environment, improving the customer experience. Through one decision, you impact just about everyone that touches your business, along with everyone they tell.
Digital Transformation brings it all together. From Business Process Automation to the cloud, you cannot do one without the other if your goals are to improve customer experience and stay ahead of the competition. According to a 2020 Flexera study, 65% of companies plan to reduce the number of data centers to enable the reallocation of resources for initiatives that drive innovation and improve the customer experience. From the graphic below, you can see that the top three initiatives by CIO’s and senior leaders showed that a priority is being placed on replacing the traditional business model with a new, faster, more innovative approach. At the same time, even Machine Learning is being held off until the transformation has begun.

Where Should You Start?

Step 1: Start Small

Buy-in is not always easy without first showing that it works. Look within your department and list all the tasks that your employees do every day. Assign an estimated time required for each one, add error value for the potential for mistakes, and link those that rely on a previous step and impact others. This formula will give you a good outline of tasks and how they interact.

Step 2: Identify Momentum Building Projects

Next, look at each task and ask yourself if you believe it could be automated, simplified, or eliminated by a more thorough process earlier down the line. The answer will give you the information you need to speak with an Intertech representative to determine if there is potential for digital transformation through automation.

Step 3: Communicate With C-Level Leaders

Show the next level up the chain of command your work out, the solutions we have come up with together, and begin the shift from on the fence to digital transformation. Once they see what you have initiated, there is no way to stop the momentum, but remember it takes good communication and often an initial project to show the benefits.
Digital Transformation often revolves around the cloud, but it is important not to become completely reliant on one service. Diversifying your workforce and resources between AWS and Azure has its benefits. For this reason, (a) a strategic direction we recommend is multi-cloud, which involves using multiple cloud computing storage services. (b) One reason is that cloud security will be a top challenge, no matter the technology’s maturity. (c) Another, you should always maintain leverage when negotiating price.