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Digital Transformation (DX) Services: Solving Problems & Transforming Your Processes


Digital transformation services change everything from the way leaders think to the ways technology is used within your business.

Achieve Greater Efficiency Through Digital Transformation

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Benefits Of DX:

Intertech’s experienced consultants guide leaders on their Digital Transformation journey. This includes supporting the technology and process changes needed to be successful. Our consultants include everything from Project Management to UX/UI design all the way through development, testing and deployment.

Improves Customer Experience
Provides Insights Into Ways Customers Really Use Your Products And Services
Improves Collaboration Between Departments
Let’s make your workplace more efficient!

What Is Digital Transformation?

How Will It Help My Business?

What It Is

Digital Transformation is the process of using technology to create new ways of working, focused on value delivery to customers and meeting ever-changing business and market needs. It involves all areas of a company, not just the IT department, and goes beyond just technology solutions. When done well, Digital Transformation also includes culture change within a company so these new ways of working last long-term.

What Does It Look Like.

Digital transformation takes multiple forms. It might be redesigning your customer service experience so it’s easier for your customers to quickly find and get the help they need or leveraging data collected as customers interact with your product to create better products in the future. Regardless, it will improve how your business runs and how your customers experience your products or services.

Who Does It Impact?

Digital transformation impacts the entire company, your clients, and your bottom line. Through increased cross-department collaboration, your company creates products and services to better meet your customer’s needs. This energizes your employees, keeps your customers engaged and ready to tell others about your terrific offerings. It’s an all-around win-win for everyone involved.

A Digital Transformation is an exciting process of taking your business to the next level of productivity.

Digital Transformation brings it all together. From Business Process Automation to the cloud, you cannot do one without the other if your goals are to improve customer experience and stay ahead of the competition. According to a 2020 Flexera study, 65% of companies plan to reduce the number of data centers to enable the reallocation of resources for initiatives that drive innovation and improve the customer experience. From the graphic below, you can see that the top three initiatives by CIO’s and senior leaders showed that a priority is being placed on replacing the traditional business model with a new, faster, more innovative approach. Digital Transformation is all about getting your company to that more innovative mindset and business processes.

Where Should You Start?

Step 1:

Start Small
An easy way to show early success is to identify manual tasks your employees regularly do and estimate the time it takes to do these. Then look at the time and cost savings if those tasks were to be automated. This simple automation can be a first step in a larger digital transformation.

Step 2:

Identify Momentum Building Projects
Look for a relatively small project that might involve automating some manual tasks and provides an opportunity to imagine new workflows for greater efficiency. With this information in mind, an Intertech representative can help you determine if this is a potential digital transformation opportunity, as well as additional items to consider.

Step 3:

Communicate With C-Level Leaders
Show your leaders the work you’ve done to identify potential business efficiency gains through a digital transformation and the solutions we have come up with together. This will begin the shift from on the fence, to digital transformation. Once they see what you have initiated, there is no way to stop the momentum. Remember, it takes good communication and often an initial project to show the tangible benefits.
Sometimes people equate a Digital Transformation with simply “moving to the cloud”, yet it is so much more. While cloud technologies can help companies automate manual workflows, the real benefits are realized when companies define new business processes to benefit their customers. The real question to consider in a Digital Transformation is, how can we leverage technology to improve the ways we work and deliver for our customers?

What Is The Difference Between A Digital Transformation And An Agile Transformation?

Both Digital Transformations and Agile Transformations involve process change and looking at work from a customer perspective.

An Agile Transformation is focused on equipping teams to deliver the best product or service for your customer, typically through implementing a specific methodology like Scrum. This type of transformation often begins with one or two pilot teams, and then extends to other areas of an organization.

A Digital Transformation begins with the understanding that the entire organization will be involved in the change effort. In a Digital Transformation there is an emphasis on creating new processes for improved efficiency and paying close attention to the company culture every step of the way.

While there is some overlap between these two approaches, they are somewhat different in what they focus on. Companies who want to achieve the greatest results will leverage Agile principles and values as part of their Digital Transformation effort. At Intertech we have experience in both areas and can guide you on your transformation journey.