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Intertech Express Consulting

Keeping up with all of the latest frameworks can be difficult. If you need help utilizing the Express Framework, one of the latest Node.js frameworks, speak to one of our Express consulting professionals.

Our expert consultants will:

        • Hit the ground running by starting your project with the Express Application Generator.
        • Build single-page, multi-page, and hybrid web applications.
        • Utilize best practices for the Express Framework.
        • Create a robust API quickly and easily.
        • Use Express’ thin layer fundamental web application features.
        • Learn routing, routing methods, paths, and handlers.
        • Take advantage of the vast array of community supported middleware.
        • Design your own template engines to transform your HTTP responses.
        • Build and run a suite of API integrations tests using Mocha.
        • Learn how to implement and utilize process managers to help troubleshoot application crashes and performance.

        For more information, contact us today.