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Severe Weather

In the case of a severe weather event (blizzard/heavy snowfall), Intertech’s courses may be canceled, but with our remote options available, the chances of us cancelling a class are very small.
Since Intertech is based in Minnesota, the majority of weather incidents will involve snow. Classes will or will not run based on the following:

Day of Class

If there is a large amount of snow on the 1st day of class:

  • Students will be notified of course status via email.
  • The Instructor will make the best decision for themselves. If the weather is too harsh, all will stay home and the course will be delivered remotely.
  • If course materials are required, the course may be delayed.

After Class Start

If snow is forecasted after the start of class:

  • The Instructor will discuss in class and let the classroom students know about the option to attend the course remotely.
  • Intertech encourages classroom students to take courseware home with them.
  • Intertech will provide login information for WebEx and remind students of LoD login (if class uses GoToMyPC, we will need to know who will be remote. Configuration is required before students leave).