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User Group Support

If you are located in North America, The User Group Support Program gives you and your members:

  • A $50 Barnes and Noble gift card
  • A yearly certificate for an enrollment ($2,495 value) for training
  • A yearly “care package” with raffle items for your user group meetings

For your group to qualify, your group needs to:

  • Be based in the US or Canada
  • Have a minimum of four scheduled meetings per year
  • Be focused on .NET, Java, XML or related technologies
  • Include Intertech User Group Support as a sponsor 

You can sign-up today. Simply:

  • Verify you qualify based the criteria above
  • Add us as a sponsor using the sponsorship HTML below
  • Send us an email (wgraff at intertech dot com) confirming with your name, your user group name, mailing address (for the quarterly care packages), and the link on your site where you list Intertech as a sponsor

Sponsorship HTML: