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Building DSLs in Static and Dynamic Languages

This session discusses building Domain Specific Languages and DSL-style code in Java, Groovy, and Ruby. It discusses the different types of DSLs, details on how to implement them in Java, Groovy, and Ruby, and example problem domains where DSLs make sense.You've heard all the hype for the past couple of years: Domain Specific Languages (DSLs) are going to take over the world. This session demystifies this topic in 2 ways: by providing concrete de...

Sponsor: No Fluff Just Stuff


Neil Ford @No Fluff Just Stuff

Neal Ford is an Application Architect for ThoughtWorks. He is an architect, designer, and developer of applications, instructional materials, magazine articles, and video/DVD presentations. Neal is also the author of Developing with Delphi: Object-Oriented Techniques (Prentice Hall PTR, 1996), JBuilder 3 Unleashed (SAMS Publishing, 1999), and Art of Java Web Development (Manning, 2003). His language proficiencies include Java, C#/.NET, Ruby, Object Pascal, C++, and C. Neal’s primary consulting focus is the design and construction of large-scale enterprise applications. He is also an internationally acclaimed speaker, having spoken at over 30 developer conferences worldwide.

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Food and Social: 5:30 PM
Presentation: 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
(Central Time)


Meeting Type: Seminar
1575 Thomas Center Drive
Eagan, MN 55122