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Lessons Learned: Bridging Windows Azure and On-Premises environments with Windows Azure Virtual Network

Postponed until 3/27/12! “Windows Azure Virtual Network is a very important feature in Windows Azure since it provides a way to extend the existing On-Premises environment into the Cloud, making Windows Azure look as an Extension of the already existing Data Center.


Nuno Filipe Godinho Cloud Solution Architect & Cloud Practice Lead @Aditi Technologies

Cloud Solution Architect & Cloud Practice Lead for Europe @ Aditi Technologies with more than 12 years of Experience and mainly responsible for helping customer to identify, plan, manage and develop software products and solutions in the Cloud, mostly with Windows Azure, where most of these software products and solutions are mission critical. MVP for the last 6 years in a row, starting with MVP in ASP.NET and for the last 3 years MVP in Windows Azure.”

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