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ScrumMasters: Beyond the Basics

You’ve been a ScrumMaster for some time and while you have the basics of Scrum down, there are things that could be better. After teaching and coaching teams for nearly ten years, Lonnie has seen where organizations have trouble. Let’s get together to hear about topics such as: how to get the team to self-organize, helping leaders understand agile, and how to tell when we’re going to be done.

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Lonnie Weaver-Johnson

Lonnie Weaver-Johnson, Certified Scrum Trainer, is a local IT professional with over 20 years of experience. She thrives on developing others so training and coaching agile teams and helping organizations meet their goals is a natural fit. She’s educated, motivated and mentored hundreds of agile teams around the world from Fortune 500 to small companies, through their agile transformation and helping them deliver value.


Recorded Webinar

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Food and Social: 12:30 PM
Presentation: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
(Central Time)


Meeting Type: Webinar
Webinar access information will be emailed to event registrants prior to the time of the event.