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Using Code Metrics for Targeted Code Refactoring

Often times, candidate code for refactoring is based upon a source file's smell, which its spotting can take time to acquire and is largely based upon subjective determinations. The proper use of code metrics, such as Cyclomatic Complexity, Fan-In, Fan-Out, and Depth of Inheritance can also facilitate the discovery of candidate code which is in need of refactoring.For example, Cyclomatic Complexity is adept at spotting methods containing a high d...

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Andrew Glover @No Fluff Just Stuff

Andrew Glover is the founder and CEO of Vanward Technologies, a JNetDirect company based in metro Washington D.C. area specializing in the construction of automated testing frameworks, which lower software bug counts, reduce integration and testing times, and improve overall code stability. Mr. Glover's career includes leadership in software development for such notable companies as IBM, Philips Electronics, and Proctor & Gamble. Mr Glover is the co-author of "Java Testing Patterns".

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