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Government Support Software Consulting — Since 1991

At Intertech, we focus on providing onshore software consulting that helps assess deprecated software, provides proven technology directions to consider, and injects an outside perspective into your hybrid development team so you create the software systems and applications that you need, on schedule and on budget, the first time.

Turnkey & Co-Development
Turnkey & Co-Development

Overview Of Services For Government Offices

From Java to .NET to front end and back end technological needs, our consultants and development teams bring what you are looking for to the project. Find what you need here.
Consider This
Consider This

What To Automate

Before making a decision, it is essential to understand the current situation and pinpoint the areas that work best for process automation.
Case Studies
Case Studies

Government Project – Stories of Success!

Our experience is proven and runs deep. Whether looking for an audit, legacy system update, or a completely new solution, our team will evaluate and help you achieve your goals.
Our People
Our People

Get To Know Us!

There's a reason 99.70% of past clients would refer us to others. We only hire top talent with uncommon soft skills who can lead and communicate positively with team members and stakeholders. Get to know us. We think you will like what you discover.

Software Consulting For The Front-Line Government Offices & Departments Serving America’s Needs… And The Businesses That Support Our Government!

— Overview, Process & Tips —

Intertech’s scalable onshore teams and consultants work in universal system design, architecture, and application development best practices, no matter the framework or suite-based modularity you require.

Intertech consultants upgrade and create new solutions that impact decisions in the boardroom based on your proprietary data and help to identify hidden issues while speeding up your business processes that impact customers and employees. Inject the added expertise you need on your dev-team today.

If You Can Think It Up, We Can Help You Build It. If It’s Already In Place And Needs To Be Updated… We Can Do That Too!

Our software consulting team leaders listen to your ideas, identify solutions that fit your requirements, and propose technology upgrades or new technologies, toolsets, and libraries suited to your environment.

Intertech follows a proven process that ensures that all bases are covered, whether our consultants are taking on the project by themselves, we are working with someone else’s consultants, or teamed up with your employees. Next, we get to work using universally accepted development best practices and document each step so you realize an end product that does what you need and is maintainable. And finally, if requested, we can suggest ways to collect and filter your proprietary data so you put it to work through predictive modeling and process automation, reducing manual errors, increasing efficiency, and helping with more accurate forecasting.

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If It Is Repetitive, We Can Probably Automate It.

Almost any area that is repetitive can be automated. These areas can fall under clerical tasks, customer service, global manufacturing, support services, data modeling, compliance, and just about anything you can think of that is repetitive, based on timing, or links to historical precedence.

For example, consider any high-volume area within your department or across the company that may have to follow compliance laws, is time-sensitive or generates recurring data. BPA can reduce the time related to these tasks. Moreover, personal expenses related to repetitive work can be eliminated, allowing for more satisfying and less stressful work conditions. As your business changes, the software can adjust, and this elasticity does not fight change. Well-developed software provides output immediately and links your entire company together, so everyone realizes the benefits discovered.

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Determine Where Automation Fits Into Your Business Process.

Ask These Questions

Question #1Do you currently have a set of tasks that follow specific rules? Most repetitive tasks are based on a set of rules. When programmed into the software these rules allow the application to take over and increase efficiency while providing consistent data across the process, improving accuracy and efficiency.

Question #2Does the task have anticipated inputs and outputs? Even if the input and output have multiple options, it is still redundant. It can be designed to react specifically to each condition, eliminating time to respond and providing a seamless transition forward.

Question #3Does the task have multiple repetitive steps? Collecting and evaluating content can be laborious. By automating steps to react to specific responses, the data can be collected, evaluated, and calculated in a split second while instantaneously analyzed and stored for AI and decision-making later.

Resource: Quick Software Feasibility Outline
Where Should You Start?

Determine Your Company's Appetite For Updates & Automated Improvements

Determine the mood of your organization toward upgrades and automation. Buy-in from key stakeholders is required. Software upgrades and process automation changes impact how work gets done and can generate fear that jobs will be eliminated rather than create a more efficient and enjoyable workplace. And when considering budget make sure to calculate ROI over a realistic period, understanding that your business will need to rely on automation to stay competitive.

Identify Processes That May Lend Themselves To Upgrades & Automation

There are two items to consider. The first one is which of your processes take up considerable time and are repetitive. The repetition can be spread over hours or days, but it is likely they can be eliminated. The second item to consider is what is being generated from the current process. If data is the result, stakes are higher because all data generated should allow your business leaders to peer into the future, helping steer the company based on accurate data.

Identify Specific Steps Within Each Application & Process For Update

After identifying potential processes for update and automation, outline the specific steps within each process that you believe can be improved or eliminated. The existing process must be improved enough to make automation worth the time and investment, so take care in evaluating each step within each process. Consider speaking with your internal business analyst and IT department as well, and then contacting Intertech to help you assess your operation.

Intertech is different than other software consulting services firms!”

Why Are We Different? Because we ask the unexpected questions and listen. In our 30 years of software consulting, often, what you think you need is different than what you really need. This is how we help you!

Add the experience your team needs.

We Begin With Everything Necessary To Ensure The Project Team Is Complete

The discovery stage is crucial when setting up the correct team to deliver your project successfully. At times this has been completed before our introduction to the project. In these cases, you may have determined that you only need specific roles added to your project teams, and that is just one way we can help augment your team. Other times clients ask us to take on this role to get an expert outside perspective. Either way, this phase is essential and must be considered to be confident that you have the right talent in place and that what you are building or modifying integrates with your existing system.

Tools & Techniques We Employee:

    • Scope Detailing
    • Analysis
    • Technical Evaluation
    • Initial Requirements Defined
    • Define Delivery Strategy and Roadmap
    • Leveling Workshops (For Your FTE Team-Members – As Needed)

Intertech – Custom Software Development Done Right The First Time!

Building A Strong Foundation Is The Key To Success

Converting your vision into reality requires a clear picture of requirements and the experience necessary to set a strong foundation for your new reality. Using the Software Rrequirements Analysis, the design phase encompasses how the application and users interact with each other, with the current infrastructure, and with other applications. In addition, this phase deals with architecture and UI/UX, so all the elements come together seamlessly.

Areas Considered During The Design Phase:

    • Infrastructure
    • Architecture
    • User Interface & Experience Design
    • Usability Testing

Intertech – Custom Software Development Done Right The First Time!

We Ensure All The Pieces Are In Place For A Successful Composition

When selecting your team, we ensure it fits your needs, not ours. Of course, top talent is a key to our success, but a proper blend is a formula for project success. At Intertech, we specialize in talent that does more than heads-down programming, but we also understand not everyone on the team needs to be a senior or billing every hour of the day. So, using what we learned in stage one and how stage two comes together, we define your team and estimate the timeline, making sure to keep you updated every step, so there are no surprises.

Areas Considered In The Build Phase:

    • Technical Requirements
    • Timeline
    • Development
    • Quality Assurance (QA) and Testing
    • Incrememntal Product Release (Faster to Market)
    • Refinement & Deployment

Intertech – Custom Software Development Done Right The First Time!

We Make Sure You Are In Control

Following the final release, we make sure you are in control. Whether you keep us around as a trusted partner or have us hand it off to your team, we understand that a solid knowledge base is one of the most important aspects of a project. Therefore, following deployment and before we hand over the keys, we always include 30 days of monitoring and mentoring to ensure a smooth roll-off and that your internal team is in control.

Areas Considered In The Completion Phase:

    • Support & Lifecycle
    • Documentation
    • Knowledge Base Retention
    • Team Roll-Off

Intertech – Custom Software Development Done Right The First Time!

Our Dedicated IT Recruiting Department Augments Our Consulting Services Perfectly

If you trust your project and recruitment to someone, wouldn’t it be wise to select a firm with a proven record since 1991, helping major companies like GE Healthcare, NASA, Best Buy, and others modernize or pivot to new technologies? Utilizing a proven formula that combines world-class software development, hands-on education and mentoring, and dedicated IT recruiting, Intertech’s clients have found success building software while building their in-house team for the long haul.

Areas Considered In The Recruit & Hire Phase:

  • Ad Placement
  • Technical Testing
  • Personality Assessment
  • Technical Team Interview
  • Hand-off To You For Internal Assessment

Intertech – Custom Software Development Done Right The First Time!


No matter the size of your project, Intertech brings together the experience and soft skills you need in a single turn-key package, whether you need one person or an entire team. Our full-time scalable application development, software modernization, and cloud migration teams are selected from a base of trust and experience so you have the right dev-team for the right dev-task.

Consider These Intertech Software Consulting Services Today!

Custom Software Development

Intertech’s custom CI/CD, Agile & DevOps-based software development services combine everything you need, including assessments, design, architecture, development, testing, delivery, and deployment.

Application Modernization & API Customization

Whether evaluating your platform and determining if it should be kept, extended, or replaced… or diving right in to update and customize, we spool up quickly.

Front End (Client-Side) Development

Your front end is where the user gets to know you, from the graphical user interface to everything that makes up the experience. Our consultants specialize in the tools and techniques required to ensure you create an application your employees and customers love to use with the functionality you expect.

Back End (Server-Side) Development

Your front end may be what everyone sees and interacts with, but your back end is doing all the work. Let Intertech’s consultants help you get every response served up quickly and accurately while injecting the experience you need so the tough questions are asked.

Web Framework: 2-Tier or 3-Tier & API-Driven

Whether you have decided on a more traditional 2-tier framework (Client Side & Server-Side), a more independently tiered (3-tier) framework (Client-Side, Processing-Logic-Side, & Data-Side), or an API-Driven | Microservices architecture, our experts can help you create what you need or assist your team with design and development.

Summary Of All Software Consulting Services

Microservices and Architecture-Driven Solutions

Let us help your team convert your monolith to a manageable micros-sized, microservices, service-based suite solution with proven system and application architecture expertise.

Intelligent Business Process Automation (BPA) & Optimization

Whether it is part of the modernization process or a completely new solution, automating and optimizing your workflows to eliminate manual tasks is what we do. Let’s implement technology-based solutions that retain your best talent, eliminate manual errors, and make your job easier.

Azure & AWS Cloud Application Migration & Integration Services

Integration onto the cloud and away from existing infrastructure can take many forms, whether you have selected a multi, hybrid, or a single-service solution. We create and integrate your applications no matter which option you have chosen. As a Microsoft Gold Partner and AWS development partner, we bring incites that can help from start to finish.

Agile, CI/CD & DevOps Resource Library

We don’t just consult companies on Agile; we live Agile and the various forms of development agility. It’s how we run our business, manage our day-to-day operations, and drive the faster deployment of the necessities.

Decision-Makers Corner

Tips and tricks to help you succeed as an IT manager and thought leader!

Examples of Success

Customer List - Government Agencies, Departments, and Offices
In Minnesota
Minnesota Dept of Administration
Minnesota Dept of Agriculture
Minnesota BCA
Minnesota Campaign Finance
Minnesota Dept of Children, Families & Learning
Minnesota Dept of Commerce
Minnesota Dept of Employment and Economic Development
Minnesota Dept of Education
Minnesota Dept of Finance
Minnesota Dept of Health
Minnesota Dept of Human Services
Minnesota Dept of Natural Resources (DNR)
Minnesota Office of Enterprise Technology
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
Minnesota Dept of Public Safety
Minnesota State Retirement System
Minnesota Dept of Revenue
Minnesota Board of Social Work
Minnesota Office of State Auditor
Minnesota Supreme Courts
Minnesota Teacher Retirement Association
Minnesota Dept of Transportation
Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA)
Minnesota House of Representatives
Minnesota National Guard
Minnesota State Colleges and Universities
Minnesota Supreme Court
Minnesota Workers Compensation
Minnesota WorkForce Center
Ucare | Minnesota Health Insurance Coverage
Minneapolis Community & Technical College
Minneapolis Public Schools
Minnesota Hospital Association
Minnesota National Guard
Minnesota Orchestra
Minnesota State Colleges and Universities
Minnesota Workers Compensation Insurers
Minnesota House of Representatives
Blue Earth County
Carver County
Crow Wing County
Dakota County
Hennepin County
Kittson County
Ramsey County
Saint Louis County
Seminole County
Sherburne County
Hennepin County
City of Eden Prairie
City of Minneapolis
University of Minnesota
Department of Interior
Department of Veterans Affairs
VA Debt Management Center
Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

Outside Minnesota
United States Navy
City of Atlanta
City of Portland
City of Rockford
City of Seattle
Colorado State University
County of El Paso
County of Lancaster
Idaho National Laboratory
Illinois State Police
Iowa State University
Ohio State University
State of North Dakota
State of Ohio
U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
U.S. Office of Personnel Management
U.S. Postal Service
University of Arkansas – Little Rock
University of Michigan
United States Navy
University of Wisconsin – La Crosse
University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point
University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics

Automated Probate Processing and Locator Application

Understanding the Legal Services industry is one thing. Understanding the technology you currently use and the updates you should consider is another.

Tax Return & Loan Processing Application Modernization

Intertech was asked to resolve critical bugs and add important new features to tax preparation and an advanced loan software application.

Life Skills Integrated Attendance and Reporting Application

Understanding the nonprofit organizations industry is one thing. Understanding the technology you currently use and the updates you should consider is another.

Server Modernization & Proprietary Data Valuation Dashboard

A North American firearms and defense manufacturer initially approached Intertech for assistance in upgrading their server’s performance.

Automated Student Enrollment & Administration Tracking Application

Improving productivity is a goal on every company’s to-do list. Intertech’s team was hired to assist an educational technology collaborative in developing an application that would allow parents to enter student and school choice information online. At the same time, it would also let school administrators track, review, add to, correct, route, and approve student enrollment applications all electronically.

Call Center Software for Federal Government Health Services

A respected Minnesota-based Federal Government Health Services contractor required .NET and Angular assistance developing proprietary, cutting-edge call center software that would provide health consultation to our veterans. Working remotely alongside the client’s team, Intertech consultants took on leadership positions for the teams, providing guidance, expertise, and project management.

Emergency Relief Database and Performance Optimization

Throughout its growth, an organization will experience a surplus of data. Over time, performance will decrease due to a combination of a legacy system and excess data growth. This issue hit one of the world’s largest relief and development organizations–one that manages billions in operational funds for providing emergency relief, education, health care, economic development, and justice for those in need globally. The organization operates as a federation of interdependent national offices with three different levels of central control. Intertech’s job was to help fix the performance issues, solve other problems related to the surplus of data, and optimize the system.

Comprehensive & Secure Fee Management System

One place that is always in need of technology, now more than ever, is our schools. Our customer, a technology and educational information service leader required an integrated and comprehensive fee management system that allowed parents, students, and districts to pay fees through the web seamlessly while linking multiple applications previously developed by another outside resource.

Team Foundation Server Audit and Implementation

Helping those that genuinely need their help, this State Government Agency ensures that seniors, people with disabilities, children, and others meet their basic needs and have the opportunity to reach their full potential. After determining the requirements for the project, they turned to Intertech to outline a set of deliverables and a process that would quickly identify barriers impeding productivity.

Updating of Legacy Data Collection System To Improve Performance For Job Seekers, Employers & Agency

Our government agencies require accurate data to comply with extensive reporting requirements. The issue was that the legacy system was not keeping up with needs, and data was not being used to its full potential. Turning to Intertech to update its legacy data collection system, the team tasked with the project made the reporting process more comfortable and accurate, including a significant update to their dedicated website for job seekers and prospective employers.

Modernization Of Decades-Old Information System For National Network Of Schools

National nonprofit, operating sixteen specialized schools and focused on special education services, faced challenges operating their aging IT systems. Deciding it was time to act, they approached Intertech in the hopes that they could upgrade their systems and add some much-needed functionalities.

Modernize Web Framework For National Legal and Financial Services Provider's Flagship Application Using React

Nationally recognized legal and financial services provider required assistance implementing a modern web framework for the refactor of their flagship application. Until then, the application used Adobe Flex, relied on Flash for rendering, and could no longer be maintained. Within 12 weeks, Intertech helped the client’s IT team deliver a completely redesigned application using React’s front-end library.

Your Ongoing Technical Expertise Partner – Team Development – At Your Service

Companies utilize Intertech’s expertise to extend the capacity and capabilities of their existing technology departments. Through the role of technology partner, Intertech’s experienced team of full-stack consultants, covering development, quality assurance, and testing, and agile transformation, add efficiencies that may not currently exist.

Three Great Reasons To Let Intertech Build Your Software Independently Or In Co-Development With Your Team!

To understand why so many companies rely on Intertech for their software consulting and software education needs, you must understand the importance we place on staying up-to-date with the most current technologies and methodologies.

“When an outside firm asked over 4000 of our customers these questions, we immediately understood why they trusted Intertech!”

Say “Yes” To Intertech!

  • Would you use Intertech again? 99.55% 99.55%

99.55% of customers answered YES!

  • Are you happy with Intertech? 99.55% 99.55%

99.55% of customers answered YES!

  • Would you refer Intertech to others? 99.70% 99.70%

99.70% of customers answered YES!


Client Relationship Manager

Brady Barthold

Before assuming his new role as a Senior Software Solutions Specialist, Brady served as a Training Account Executive for two years. He provided instructor-led software development training to Fortune 500 companies. He also held sales and marketing internships at Digital River and Intertech after completing his bachelor of arts degree in marketing management at the University of St. Thomas.


“Work smart & hard is my philosophy, and never stop learning.”


How Has The Transition To The Consulting Side Of Intertech Been For You?

I enjoyed my time working on the training side of Intertech’s business, I feel I will be able to contribute more as a consulting specialist, especially with the knowledge I have gained working with different consultants that have instructed me in the past, bringing their real-world expertise to the classroom.


Brady enjoys playing hockey and golf and spending time with his family & friends. He also enjoys coaching youth hockey in his free time. Brady has volunteered for several years at Open Arms of Minnesota. He has one fur kid, a chocolate labrador named Bosco.

We Help You Finish Well At The Right Price!

Everyone wants the project done right, with little pain, for the lowest price. Unfortunately, the lowest price isn’t always the best solution. We understand this because we are typically not the cheapest options and often hired to save projects that were incorrectly evaluated and estimated. At Intertech, we take the time to assess your project and assign the correct people. We understand that not everyone on the project needs to be a senior consultant and know how to blend rates, so you get the most cost-effective team and talent required to achieve success.
Consider Intertech and a proven perspective that has been in business since 1991.