Intertech HTML5 Consulting

Intertech can provide HTML5 consulting expertise to build an interactive, best-in-class application.

Our expert HTML5 consultants can help you:

      • Architect, design, develop and deploy your HTML5 application
      • Properly define and use semantic elements for a solid document structure
      • Create rich user interfaces with text, pickers, sliders, tables, nested table, citations, character entities, horizontal rules, and images
      • Use best practices for CSS, element width, spacing, and spanning
      • Implement forms including validation without JavaScript
      • Leverage video on the web with HTML5 without the need for special plug-ins
      • Correctly save client-side data using Web Storage, Indexed Database APIs, and Web SQL Database
      • Implement the Geolocation API
      • Build offline HTML5 applications
      • Understand and use the Web Worker API and Messaging API
      • Use the WebSocket API to create push-based applications
      • Troubleshoot HTML5 performance issues

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