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webservicesI’d like to take this opportunity to announce an addition and an update to the Intertech Training product line – both in the Java Web Service space.

Complete Java Web Services Updated

First off, Intertech has updated its Complete Java Web Services (CJWS) class. In version 7 of this class, we added new material on securing Java Web services. This includes chapters on use of the WS-Security specification and how to secure the services with SSL/TLS. Students receive hands on experience with WSS4J (a Java open source WS-Security implementation) and how to configure Tomcat for SSL/TLS services.

Content was updated to cover the latest in Web services specifications like WSDL 2.0 while expanding coverage on the Java Web Service/XML API’s like JAX-WS, JAXP and even SAAJ. To make room for this new/expanded content, RESTful material was pulled out the CJWS class and put into its own class (see CJRS below). Intertech found that the REST topic required much more time to cover and warranted its own class.

Finally, the class lab environment was updated. The class now features laboratories that use Java 7 and Eclipse Kepler.

Complete Java RESTful services Added

Complete Java RESTful Services (CJRS) is a brand new, 2-day class. Originally, this topic was covered in a single chapter in CJWS. RESTful services have grown in popularity and students/clients were requesting more detail about these services and related technology. Furthermore, IT organizations do not always use both SOAP and REST services. Some organizations have made a selection in their Service Oriented Architecture and use either SOAP or REST and not necessarily both.

This new class covers JAX-RS (Java’s specification defined API for building RESTful services), as well as JSON and XML data bindings/mappings for data exchange via REST. Also covered are how to secure RESTful services and how to implement REST clients in Java.

So if you are a Java developer and want to learn more about Web service (or Web service client) implementations in Java, consider signing up for these new and improved classes today. You will find all the information you need about the class and schedule here: www.intertech.com/Training/Java/Java-EE/Web-Services.